Sadie Bareham Pro Academy is committed to providing high quality training within the course industry.

We aim to maintain quality by undertaking:

  1. To offer a high standard of services.
  2. To ensure staff practice in a safe, effective and ethical manner at all times with students and clients best interests at heart.
  3. To maintain a programme of professional services that will uphold the high quality standards required by industry.
  4. To promote and maintain professional standards at all times by strict adherence to codes of conduct and codes of Ethics.
  5. To consistently monitor, review and update training programmes in consultation with candidates and centre staff.

Assessment of candidates requiring reasonable adjustments

Learners may have particular needs due to:

  • A learning difficulty
  • Visual or hearing impairment
  • Physical disability
  • Cultural differences
  • English not being their first language

Sadie Bareham Pro Academy operates a policy of open and equal access to all its qualifications, however competency must be achieved to gain certification.