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Advanced Mesh Integration Course - 22nd April


Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom:


Once purcahsed you will be contacted regarding times and other important information for your day!


Are you ready to take your mesh integration skills to the next level?


Introducing our Advanced Customisation Mesh Integration workshop 


This hands-on practical education is tailored for those who've completed a mesh course but crave mastery in mesh integration or need further help to get everything just right!


Maybe your realising there is a lot more to mesh than a one size fits all approach


Discover the secrets to perfection: from leaving out a hairline or fringe to creating a setback system. 


What if your client has no front hairline? Yep that’s covered!


Learn advanced techniques like perimeter partial, U part partial, and patchwork.


Unlock the art of creating seamless bangs and fringes without cutting hair or dealing with thinning at the front.


There is so much content to this course it will blow your mind!


If you're ready to elevate your expertise and revolutionise your mesh integration game, this workshop is for you!


Book now to secure your spot and let's unleash your potential together!

Advanced Mesh Integration Course - 3rd June

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